Tipps & Tricks (English)

These are just some suggestions, ideas and practices. You may try some out if you like. Some of them should be very useful, and if you you cannot use them at all, this should be fine as well.

  • Hot water

Each morning drink a cup of hot water befor you consume anything else, maybe even befor you make your first visit to the toilet that day. Hot water is the king of medicine according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps with small resentments, when feeling unwell and it supports to soothe and ease with even bigger physical complications.

  • Two feet walking

Walk often. Humans are walkers.

  • Nutrition

Eat respectively to your constitution, eat simple and natural. These are just very basic tips as everyone tolerates a little differently, but in general these are good and healthy basic foods: Potatoes, rice, lentils, vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower.

  • Embodiment and Movement

Find a fitting method for you and what your body likes, for remaining (or becoming) flexible, smooth and strong. Generally good to train are body arts like: Kinds if of Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Yoga or Dance.

  • Death as the great teacher

Memento Mori – remember or think of death. Get used to and ready for impermanence of existence; and find out what is precious und what has worth in life. You can for example write three or four resulting topics about what matters most.

  • Schooling of the heart, schooling of the mind

One tip is to, for example, wish others sincerely and honestly best of luck, joy, health and prosperity. From the heart. Feel that. Paradoxically it feels better for even oneself if wishing others the best, try it, have fun!

  • Chenrezig – Embodiment of Compassion, Wisdom and Love. Freeing all beings of the six realms from suffering.

Chenrezig or also named Avalokiteshvara is simple to practice and does not require any special initiation or empowerment. Recite his mantra for accumulating positive potential and develop qualities of loving kindness and goodness. It is recommendable to at least accumulate 700.000 mantras for „aquiring enough spped for your plane to take off“.

While reciting his mantra you visualize (imagine) that you are Chenrezig himself and emanate countless rays of light from your heartchakra (in the center of the chest), making offerings to all the beings in the universe and liberating them from their delusions and sufferings. The rays return to you and bless and purify yourself as well.


  • Guru Rinpoche: Subduer of all Negativity

Besides Chenrezig he is simply to practice without any formal initiation! Guru Rinpoche means Precious Teacher. He is also called Guru Padmasambhava, the Lotos Born. In Tibet he is known as the second Buddha (after the historical Buddha Shakyamuni 500 years before Christ), but counts as inseperable from the first one. He even represents the Heart of all the Buddhas of the universe and of the three times, and there is of etreme relevance, importance, worth and blessings! He subdued in the eight century any demonic and hostile forces, that means negativities. He transform darkness into lightness and wisdom. The one who trusts and wants to use hisblessings and power may recite his mantra; it would be advisable to do it 1.200.000 times, have fun!

You can also use his image as a means for meditation to recieve his blessings and empowerments: Visualise light coming from his five chakras shining as rays, entering your own charkas one after another. From his forehead comes white light which comes to your own forehead; from his throat yomes red light, from his heart center comes blue light, from his belly comes yellow light and from his secret center (four fingers below the navel) comes forth green light; all being absorbed into your each and own centers; you become inserperable from him like raindrops falling into a pond, dissolving into the water.