The body has memory…

Traumata have been overwhelming, yet undigested experiencies and the body still acts as if this former stress and danger are currently present. They aren’t but they are at the same time. They are not presently real, but for the nervous system it is still present and real. Impulses of the nervous system did not come to a cunclusion, they have become stuck, we become frozen, we are blocked for the actual present freedom.

There are two main types of trauma:

1.) A single one overwhelming and (kind of) sudden event took place, which „crashed“ the individual coping capacity of the person. For example an accident, medcial procedure, loss, sexual assault, violence, catastrophies and the like.

2.) Being exposed over a period of time to certain stressfull situations or we still are. Years of abuse in general, mobbing, domestic abuse, which also include topics of developement issues of the childhood of a person; these can significantly influence our behaviours in terms of feeling safe, secure, a sense of trust and other kinds of angst.

Your current posture comes maybe from…

  1. You have a job where you must take up a certain position of your body, like a musician (violinist) or a factory worker (being bent to a side for example).
  2. You have had an accident and/or a medical procedure and now: a scar. The scar may block the flowing of the energy in the channels or disrupt die metabolism within the tissue. This can further cause a compensation or tension within the body regualtion and posture.
  3. As a child, for example, you have been constantly shouted at from behind from your piano teacher. This can cause stress, tension and burdens to bear on neck and shoulders. That’s just one picture to use for this example.

Viewpoint and outlook

From the perspective of neuro sciences a trauma is beeing stuck in the nervous system, that also means in the consciousness of the body. It is because of this, that we are trapped inside our own patterns and memories, which we tend to repeat also in the negative sense; and our body acts as if one is still under the influence of high stress and terror and fear, even when there is no real threat at all in the current real here and now.

From a more energetical point of view like those of some Asian Medicine Traditions, it is our energy channels which get clogged yet can also be purified and repaired: Through Manual Therapy, Breathwork, Movements and the „felt sense“ (conscious body awareness). The (relative) safe here and now can be experienced and established anew.