Disclaimer English

Every human being makes decisions and acts consciously in his or her life all along with every consequences.

A Yogi does not conduct diagnostic procedures regarding psychological or physical illnesses which fall under the operating range of physicians or psychotherapists.

The procedure of a Somatic Experiencing session goes like this: In the first session we will clarify together what the concern and the objective as well as the expectations and aims are. The following self regeneration or development process depends on the clarification of your individual needs. Processes of change are quite individual and when there is a bigger issue it may take persistance and a certain period of time so that insights can be stabilized and doubts can be cleared. But often that process can go along with motivation and joy. It is up to you to decide after every session if you want to proceed. The rhythm of the sessions and their intervalls can individually be determined.

Any terminus like „healing arts“, as in the title, are to be understood in the context of the ancients healing systems like in Tibet. It refers to the so called mental afflictions, poisons for the mind: Confusion/numbness, hatred, greed and more. Here is the place where a Traditional Yogi Healer takes his or her place to guide or attend in this context.